To reach the same point coming from different directions

                  To come together from different directions

                      To come together and unite in a common interest or focus

                           Creating - Connected - Communities

·  Colours  ·  Creative Choices (mindfulness)  · Circles  ·  Cycles  ·  Connections  ·  Communities ·  Celebration

Community connections are valuable and fragile - when converged there is strength and resilience.

Convergence seeks to capture and depict the nuances of community

Lisa Rudd will work with community members to create fragile clay art works that will be brought together in a collage that reflects and celebrates the strengths of a united community.  This collage will form a transportable mural that captures a moment of Community Blitz history: The portable nature of the artwork will make it uncomplicated to display across various community locations and it is the aim to feature the art work at Community Blitz’s 5th Birthday celebration event in 2016.

Convergence was launched at Brighton Show 2015, in February 2016 Community Blitz Governance Group members contributed to the work; in February 2016 further community participants, of all ages, added to the mural.  March will see the long process of Raku kiln firing all the many elements of the community artwork ready for exhibition in May 2016.  


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