Lisa Rudd has spend the past 23 years managing and developing community art projects. These projects have focused on strengthening and celebrating communites with a strong focus on the projects being identified, developed, created and managed by the people from the communities in which they occur.

       TOIL ART       

Toil Art is the name given to the community artworks that now features on the walls of the Yea public toilets. Over 382 people were directly involved in the project, thirty three organisations supported the venture and over 1936 volunteer hours were contributed to Toil Art.

This project gave participants the scope, space and time to explore the project and allowed the resulting artworks to evolve and grow as the volunteers explored visions, ideas and goals.  This ensured that the resulting expressions, and the processes utilised to create them, were a true reflection of the community it represents and celebrates. This also assisted in ensuring that the resulting artworks were truly representative of the participants’ desires and not merely the visions of the artist who identified the concept.

Toil Art valued and embraced the participants’ contributions, ideas and creative aspirations; it is a celebration of a community’s effort that represents far more than the obvious, resulting professional creative artworks. A short film can be viewed (below).



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